To Be Denounced

Sep 01

I don’t know what I want.
Or I do, but I’m too much of a wuss to admit it.
I have two options.
I don’t want to make a decision.

Aug 24

Kind of miss you.
I can’t tell you.
It’s Sunday.

Aug 14

I feel like I’m nobody to you.

Aug 09

That you
are in one of those moods and I
am in one of them, too 
And it’s hard
to communicate

Aug 03
Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

Jul 29

He doesn’t want to call me his girlfriend, yet he gets upset when I hang out with someone else.

What do you want?

Jul 19

How low
Is your self esteem, how low
Could it possibly be?
I know, I know you’re in love with me and I’ve been ignoring you.

Jul 19

If I was drunk and passing out, you would still be the only one on my mind.
And I would tell you.

Jul 16

Wasting my time.
Always wasting my time.

Jul 14

I’m so mad, I’m so fucking mad.
You’re not what I need and it kills me. You can’t step up to the plate. You can’t handle me. And it’s fucking frustrating.