To Be Denounced

Aug 24

Kind of miss you.
I can’t tell you.
It’s Sunday.

Aug 14

I feel like I’m nobody to you.

Aug 09

That you
are in one of those moods and I
am in one of them, too 
And it’s hard
to communicate

Aug 03
Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

Jul 29

He doesn’t want to call me his girlfriend, yet he gets upset when I hang out with someone else.

What do you want?

Jul 19

How low
Is your self esteem, how low
Could it possibly be?
I know, I know you’re in love with me and I’ve been ignoring you.

Jul 19

If I was drunk and passing out, you would still be the only one on my mind.
And I would tell you.

Jul 16

Wasting my time.
Always wasting my time.

Jul 14

I’m so mad, I’m so fucking mad.
You’re not what I need and it kills me. You can’t step up to the plate. You can’t handle me. And it’s fucking frustrating.

Jul 12

This tightness in my chest, or whatever this is, it’s exacerbated when I’m left to my own devices.

I am controlled, I am weak. It’s a miracle I’m still alive at all. I cannot fend for myself, my thoughts swallow me whole.

Dependence. As much as I want autonomy, I’ve yet to pull myself up, I’ve yet to prove to myself I can do anything. So I do nothing.

My heart is bound, my health is bound, my thoughts toxic and controlling. Set myself free. If I can.

Struggle struggle struggle